About UP

UP is Tiertime’s professional line priced for the widest possible user base. Since its inception, UP has provided easy-to-use, dependable, economical 3D printers to fields such as science, mechanical engineering, industrial design, low-volume manufacturing and education.

Beginning with the original UP Plus in 2010, UP brought new dimensions of simplicity and functionality to 3D printing with its printer control software, known today as UP Studio. With features like Platform Raft Compensation, Software-assisted Calibration, Smart Support Generation, 3D Model Defect Detection and Automatic Bed Leveling (Plus 2 and BOX+), UP Studio seamlessly takes the user from printer unboxing to printed models with far less effort than any open source alternative, allowing professionals to spend more time printing and less time learning to operate the machine.

On the hardware side, UP boasts one innovation after another. From the UP Perf Board to the mini 2 and BOX+’s HEPA filtration with activated carbon, each generation redefines industry standards for functionality, safety and performance within its price category.

Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd.

As China’s first 3D printer manufacturer, Tiertime launched the nation’s entry into the additive manufacturing age with the Inspire industrial line. Through decades of consistent technological advancement, the company has earned its place as a recognized world leader in manufacturing and prototyping solutions. Dedicated to reliability and constant improvement of the end-user experience for more than 20 years, the original vision remains – quality, affordable 3D printing, catering to a broad range of industries and usage requirements.

Led by Dr. Allen Guo, Tiertime was a pioneer, fueling the personal 3D printing explosion as its UP brand made professional technology accessible to tens of thousands of future inventors and product creators. Headquartered in Beijing with offices abroad, it is an international enterprise with over 200 employees and a global distribution network serving more than 50 countries.