Customer Stories

Tiertime Helps Create Gulliver’s Gate

An exciting event is taking place in Times Square, New York City. Gulliver’s Gate is a small-scale exhibit of locations from around the world, including Latin America, the Middle East, New York City and Asia. The joint venture of an international team from across the globe, the display allows visitors to view lands and lost […]

UP BOX Used in the Creation of Beijing Temple of the White Dagoba Alley Lights

Since 2011, the Beijing government has annually hosted Beijing International Design Week together with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Ministry of Culture to drive development of innovation and cultural industry. During its second year, Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. started actively participating as a 3D printing technology and device supplier. […]

Courtyard Institute Cooperates with Tiertime to Build 3D Printing Workshop

The Courtyard Institute has provided a humanized education space near the Forbidden City in Beijing. Its purpose is to promote traditional Chinese culture while simultaneously recognizing technological advancement and international perspective. The program includes educational courses where enthusiasts can explore China’s past, present and future lifestyle, and compare it with other cultures. 3D printing is […]

17 Middle and Primary Schools Select UP Plus 2

The East District Education Commission of Beijing City leads China and Beijing in creative education quality improvement for middle and primary school students. Beginning in the second half of 2014, the Commission responded to new Government policies on education reform by actively promoting 3D printing demonstration projects in middle and primary schools. 3D printing is […]

UP 3D Printers at China Science and Technology Museum

The China Science and Technology Museum is a unique, comprehensive science and technology center in China. It is an important instrument for science popularization, aimed to promote the development of the nation through science, education, and talents. The main attractions are exhibits, demonstrations and training practices. One of its goals is to increase interest and […]